Thursday, August 20, 2009

Nice Nines

Made these a year or so ago for this website called "Nice Nines" and just happened to stumble upon the site and see them for the first time actually printed haha. When on the site I saw a few shirts I loved and I ordered the "DESK JOBS RUIN LIVES" tee - because my desk job ruins my life. (jk boss) Anyway be sure to check out their site and maybe order a super cool super cheap tee!

According to their own mission statement:

"Basically, it seemed to me you had 2 choices. On one hand you can easily pick up really cheap shirts at local discount outlets, or certain auction sites as long as they say something about getting drunk, 1981 Firebirds or your mom. On the other side of the token you have great looking and feeling designer shirts all over the internet. But you have to pay for it, big time. How am I supposed to build up a decent closet stack of fresh new summer shirts if I am paying $22 or $28 or even more for each one? Especially If I am the kind of person who would rather spend most of my disposable income on awesome experiences like epic downhill mountain biking, race cars or white water rafting the Pacuare River

So that’s why we are here. The shirts are nine bucks and with shipping you are out the door at $12 even. We think you will also find the quality to be on-par or beyond that of the other designer and fashion brands. So you can look good, feel good and still have all the fun your supposed to have in life. I think other people will dig this idea as well, people who choose to spend the lions share of their time and money on experiences, rather than overpriced clothing."

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