Sunday, August 23, 2009

Hated font of the day: Bleeding Cowboys

Lately I keep seeing this font everywhere. Which is annoying because its so ugly, somewhere Matthew Carter is rolling over in his grave. I dont get why people are so obsessed with "destroyed" looking fonts (See: - for what I mean). I agree they can be useful sometimes - a hardcore band, a horror movie... ::crickets::. But why in company logos and advertisements? The typeface is designed by Gyom Séguin who I dont think is necessarily a BAD designer- but the typefaces he's designed (most notably Bleeding Cowboys and Birth Of A Hero) are terrible but I also am a strong supporter of Myriad Pro Semibold so "grunge" fonts are not my thing. I just dont get it. It's not even the "grunge" I hate, well it is but I would also hate the typeface if it were clean. It's got terrible curves and ligature, its useless for body/subtext (even though some people haven't figured that out yet). It just boils my blood when I'm out shopping for CDs or a new t-shirt, or even just walking down the street and see it on a store front sign to think somewhere, some designer who was good enough to sell his/her designs to a company would actually choose THIS typeface. Well thats it for now I suppose... I could go on forever but I dont think anyone would want to read that... ::crickets::

Feel free to spread this disease by downloading it for free here:

CD covers (A crappy font for a crappy band):

Blog Headers (Well at least Jeb thinks its cool!):


(nothing says cocktails like Bleeding Cowboys huh?)


  1. Haha. It's funny you posted this, because I just posted a few grunge things on my site,, and one of them included this in it. It's a style that has been getting more and more popular, and it is unfortunate I think. I'm a big fan of Web 2.0 style but I have noticed it fading away lately. I don't think grunge or destroy style design will last long though. If Web 2.0 is fading, then this, being an opposite type of style, one that isn't particularly appealing, will fade too.

    - Jared

  2. i hate that destroyed shit , nice post

  3. thanks for this, I'm really pissed about this typeface. It's overdone piece of decorative crap.