Monday, August 24, 2009

Weezer / (If You Are Wondering If I Want You To) I Want You To

It all started in 1994 when my older (by ten years) sister went to the now abandoned amusement park "Rocky Point" where weezer were playing for free in support of their debut album. The band gave out free CDs after the free performance and luckily my sister was into radio pop music and thought it would be nice to give her 8 year old brother a present (aka something she didnt want). Well lets just say it was probably the best thing that anyone has ever given me. Since then I have been the most devoted/obsessed weezer fan you know.... BUT ANYWAY - what started this little rant was the fact I've been inpatiently awaiting the release of their new single "(If You Are Wondering If I Want You To) I Want You To" which was slated to be released on August 25th, but thanks to a Wal-Mart digital store blunder it was released / leaked today. I have (luckily for you) found it online, and have here for you to download :)

Enjoy yet another gem from Rivers & co.




Some new designs I did for my buddy over @ EIGHT&NINE :) (these are unreleased right now so shhhhhhh)

Buy some stuff from them:

p.s. the "I AM THE FUTURE" shirt rules!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Hated font of the day: Bleeding Cowboys

Lately I keep seeing this font everywhere. Which is annoying because its so ugly, somewhere Matthew Carter is rolling over in his grave. I dont get why people are so obsessed with "destroyed" looking fonts (See: - for what I mean). I agree they can be useful sometimes - a hardcore band, a horror movie... ::crickets::. But why in company logos and advertisements? The typeface is designed by Gyom Séguin who I dont think is necessarily a BAD designer- but the typefaces he's designed (most notably Bleeding Cowboys and Birth Of A Hero) are terrible but I also am a strong supporter of Myriad Pro Semibold so "grunge" fonts are not my thing. I just dont get it. It's not even the "grunge" I hate, well it is but I would also hate the typeface if it were clean. It's got terrible curves and ligature, its useless for body/subtext (even though some people haven't figured that out yet). It just boils my blood when I'm out shopping for CDs or a new t-shirt, or even just walking down the street and see it on a store front sign to think somewhere, some designer who was good enough to sell his/her designs to a company would actually choose THIS typeface. Well thats it for now I suppose... I could go on forever but I dont think anyone would want to read that... ::crickets::

Feel free to spread this disease by downloading it for free here:

CD covers (A crappy font for a crappy band):

Blog Headers (Well at least Jeb thinks its cool!):


(nothing says cocktails like Bleeding Cowboys huh?)

Friday, August 21, 2009

Drawing of the Day

Todays "Drawing of the Day" is a bike.

If anyone wants the vector let me know <3

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Drawing of the Day

First drawing of the day entry, hopefully I will keep up with this. I drew this today for a co-worker who's friend had just become a math teacher.

Click for bigger version:


There's a certain beauty to two lower case f's side by side. I don't know if it's because they look like friends standing there together or if the lowercase f is just such a beautiful letter, and whats more beautiful than one beautiful thing? - two beautiful things side by side.

...or maybe I've just been in the office too long.


Nice Nines

Made these a year or so ago for this website called "Nice Nines" and just happened to stumble upon the site and see them for the first time actually printed haha. When on the site I saw a few shirts I loved and I ordered the "DESK JOBS RUIN LIVES" tee - because my desk job ruins my life. (jk boss) Anyway be sure to check out their site and maybe order a super cool super cheap tee!

According to their own mission statement:

"Basically, it seemed to me you had 2 choices. On one hand you can easily pick up really cheap shirts at local discount outlets, or certain auction sites as long as they say something about getting drunk, 1981 Firebirds or your mom. On the other side of the token you have great looking and feeling designer shirts all over the internet. But you have to pay for it, big time. How am I supposed to build up a decent closet stack of fresh new summer shirts if I am paying $22 or $28 or even more for each one? Especially If I am the kind of person who would rather spend most of my disposable income on awesome experiences like epic downhill mountain biking, race cars or white water rafting the Pacuare River

So that’s why we are here. The shirts are nine bucks and with shipping you are out the door at $12 even. We think you will also find the quality to be on-par or beyond that of the other designer and fashion brands. So you can look good, feel good and still have all the fun your supposed to have in life. I think other people will dig this idea as well, people who choose to spend the lions share of their time and money on experiences, rather than overpriced clothing."

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Facebook Vector! (Freebie)

I was given a project at work where I was to put a Facebook page into a document for print purposes, but a screenshot would not do due to resolution blah blah blah. So I created a vector version that can be scaled, edited, moved around, etc to suit my needs. I am now giving that to you for free for whatever you might need / want it for. Enjoy!

File includes: Standard profile page, a template that is used for Facebook apps for in-app purchases, the Facebook logo and Facebook Connect badge for developers.


Download link: