Saturday, May 23, 2009

"Survival Sunday"

Tomorrow has been deemed "Survival Sunday" as it is the last game for all the Premiership clubs. Four of these teams face the "drop" into the Championship. My beloved club, Newcastle United, has battled incompetent ownership, intermittent management and injury all season, is one of these clubs. They currently sit one point out of the "safe" zone and their survival is dependent not only on themselves but on the results of three other games tomorrow.

Survival Sunday:

Newcastle United v. Aston Villa - 11:00 AM

West Ham United v. Middlesbrough - 11:00 AM

Hull City v. Manchester United - 11:00 AM

Chelsea v. Sunderland - 11:00 AM

In order for Newcastle to stay up we need Hull City to lose, and us draw, or they draw and we win. Hull City plays Manchester United (which normally I'd say their failure was in the bag, but Manchester United has already won the Premiership, and has a Champions League final v. Barca three days later so Furgy has vowed to play a weakened team). We play the current 6th place team Aston Villa.

The table currently looks like:

16th: Sunderland - 36 Pts

17th: Hull City - 35 Pts

18th: Newcastle - 34 Pts

19th: Middlesbrough - 32 Pts

20th: West Brom - 31 pts

Tomorrow will be either joyous or heartbreaking. I have listened to hours and hours of talkSPORT, read countless articles, watched clips of Villa and there is nothing I can do now but pray. 12 hours from now the eight clubs kickoff, I will have multiple laptops and televisions in order to watch all the games simutanously. Fingers crossed!



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