Thursday, October 22, 2009

MY DAY IN PHOTOS (10/21/2009)

***The photos seem to be getting cut off, to see the full image right click (ctrl+click for mac) the image and open in new tab / new window - SORRY! - I will fix the sizing later today.

7:10 AM - Leaving Somerville

7:23 AM - On the CT2 bus heading from Union Sq Somerville to Longwood Medical Area Boston

7:33 AM - Frank Gehry from the bus window

7:55 AM - Made it to school with 5 minutes to spare

Starting my first class "Projects in Wood" - 8:00 AM

10:10 AM - Art school critiques yawn

10:26 AM - Breakfast

12:30 PM - Class presentations

1:15 PM - Hanging in one of the hall ways @MassArt

1:20 PM - Studying on the 12th floor in the library

2:57 PM - Leaving school to go grab some lunch with Chad

3:05 PM - Pissed cause we can't figure out where to eat

3:29 PM - Walking around theater district

3:42 PM - Lunch (Part 1)

3:52 PM - Lunch (Part 2)

5:26PM - Last hour of cramming before midterm (back in the library) The sun is setting

8:25 PM - Waiting for the Green Line to Lechmere after a long day of school

8:30 PM - On the Green Line heading to Lechmere to catch the 87 home

8:59 PM - At Lechmere waiting for the 87 bus... Almost home

9:07PM - On the 87 bus to Union Sq.

9:18 PM - Finally made it home

10:05 PM - Hanging things in my room

12:20 AM - Compiling old designs for a new portfolio website

2:00AM - Watching Paranormal Activity


  1. Someone must of been bored.

  2. Basically, but it wasn't like it took a lot of time to snap a photo once an hour-ish through my day ha.