Tuesday, September 15, 2009

My MacBook Pro had a font-gasm.

For the record, installing the entire Berthold Font Collection (221 Fonts) at once is a terrible idea. My MacBook Pro pissed it's pants. Not to mention clicking "Install Font" 221 times in a row just to be able to find your desktop isn't fun... Why is there not a "Install All" button, if there is PLEASE let me know...

p.s. so many awesome new fonts... I'll post a few soon...



  1. That is awesome! Not really for you, I'm sure that sucked, a lot.

  2. Yeah i thought my computer was going to explode. Haha.

  3. Under Vista you select however many fonts and right-click the selected files, choosing the install option. There are no further dialogs unless there is a duplicate font already installed. Just saying...